Beautify your facility and enhance your productivity while focusing on safety and budget-conscious results.
Commercial Landscape Design
Local Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Distribution Centers / Freight Hubs

Keeping your large acreage areas well-maintained and presentable.


Well-maintained curb appeal attracts shoppers and improves your tenant retention.
Local Commercial Landscape Maintenance
Local Commercial Landscape Maintenance


Beautiful, relaxing outdoor spaces to make your patients and visitors feel at home.


Control your costs and enhance your curb appeal to attract quality tenants with our perfectly planned and executed landscape maintenance services.
Dayton Ohio Commercial Landscape Maintenance
Dayton Ohio Commercial Landscape Maintenance


Beautiful green spaces delivered by the Wise Team create a productive, relaxed environment that allows your employees to feel at home.


Well-planned and executed landscape maintenance and snow management, coupled with excellent communication to make your life as easy as possible.
Dayton Ohio Commercial Landscape Maintenance
Wise Landscaping

Custom Projects

With our skilled team, no project is out of reach. From playground renovations to total site landscape renovations, we consistently deliver value-adding results to our clients.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your commercial landscaping needs we’d be happy to meet with you.